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The Library wifi is experiencing intermittent connectivity issues with laptops. 

Location & Hours
125 S. Municipal Drive
Sugar Grove, IL 60554
(630) 466-4686
eMail the Reference Desk
Mon - Thur:9a - 8p
Fri:9a - 6p
Sat:10a - 4p
Sun:2p - 6p

Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees is composed of seven elected members serving staggering terms in the valuable role of stewardship and governance to the Sugar Grove Public Library District.   Key functions of the Board include advocacy, governance, stewardship to the facility, fiscal responsibility, financial security and oversight.  Board members serve with no compensation and regularly donate time and attention to serve the needs of patrons.  

The Board hires and works in conjunction with the Library Director to serve the needs of Sugar Grove residents.   "Our mission is to be a unique resource to offer open access to information that fosters a passion for reading, learning, and the exchange of ideas. As the heart of our community, we support democracy, citizenship, and the cultural growth of the Sugar Grove Public Library District."

The Board graciously welcomes visitors to public meetings held every fourth Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the general Board room. Agendas and minutes are posted to the website, government information bulletin board in the Library  or are available in a informational binder that may be freely accessed by the public in the Library.  Public comment is welcomed at every meeting, and additional written comments may be considered for inclusion to packets.    

View Board Bylaws Here


What does an Illinois Library Trustee do? 

Board of Trustees   

Ryan Ivemeyer       
Board President

Term C - 2025   

Strategic Planning Representative

Glenda Peck

Board Vice President

Term B - 2025

Building & Grounds Representative 

   Michelle Damadeo        
Board Treasurer

Term G - 2027         
Finance Representative

Allison Short 
Board Secretary

Term F - 2027    

Personnel & Policy Representative

Adrien Aaron


Term A - 2025


Marisa Richards 

Term D - 2027    

Jessica Fese 

Term E - 2027   

Current Trustee List:


Meeting Schedule


Download a flyer listing the 2024 monthly Board meeting dates. Additionally, download the Annual Financial Chronology here. 

Any additional meetings are set on an as-needed basis.  

2024 Board MeetingsAgendaMinutes
January 24, 2024January AgendaJanuary Minutes
February 28, 2024*February AgendaFebruary Minutes
March 27, 2024March AgendaMarch Minutes
April 24, 2023April AgendaApril Minutes
May 22, 2024May AgendaMay Minutes
June 26, 2024June AgendaJune Minutes
July 24, 2024July AgendaJuly Minutes
August 28, 2024August AgendaAugust Minutes
September 25, 2024September AgendaSeptember Minutes
October 23, 2024October AgendaOctober Minutes
November 13, 2024November AgendaNovember Minutes
December 18, 2024December AgendaDecember Minutes

* 2/28/2024 meeting is cancelled. 

2023 Board MeetingsAgendaMinutes
January 25, 2023January AgendaJanuary Minutes
February 22, 2023February AgendaFebruary Minutes
March 22, 2023March AgendaMarch Minutes

April 26, 2023

rescheduled to May 1, 2023

April (May 1) AgendaApril (May 1) Minutes
May 24, 2023May AgendaMay Minutes
June 28, 2023June AgendaJune Minutes
July 26, 2023July AgendaJuly Minutes
August 23, 2023August AgendaAugust Minutes

September 27, 2023


September 25, 2023

September AgendaSeptember Minutes
October 25, 2023October AgendaOctober Minutes
November 15, 2023November AgendaNovember Minutes
December 13, 2023December AgendaDecember Minutes




2022 Board MeetingsAgendaMinutes

January 5, 2022

January 26, 2022

Special Meeting Agenda

January Agenda

Special Meeting Minutes

January Minutes

February 23, 2022February AgendaFebruary Minutes
March 23, 2022March AgendaMarch Minutes
April 27, 2022April AgendaApril Minutes
May 25, 2022May AgendaMay Minutes
June 22, 2022June AgendaJune Minutes
July 27, 2022July AgendaJuly Minutes
August 24, 2022August AgendaAugust Minutes
September 28, 2022September AgendaSeptember Minutes
October 5, 2022Special Meeting AgendaSpecial Meeting Minutes
October 26, 2022October AgendaOctober Minutes
November 16, 2022November AgendaNovember Minutes
December 14, 2022December AgendaDecember Minutes



2021 Board MeetingsAgendaMinutes
January 27January AgendaJanuary Minutes

February 11

February 24

Special Meeting Agenda

February Agenda

Special Meeting Minutes

February Minutes

March 24March AgendaMarch Minutes
April 28April AgendaApril Minutes
May 26May AgendaMay Minutes
June 23June AgendaJune Minutes

July 7

July 28

July 7 - Special

July Agenda

July Special 

July Minutes

August 25August AgendaAugust Minutes
September 22September AgendaSeptember Minutes
October 27October AgendaOctober Minutes
November 17November AgendaNovember Minutes

December 1

December 15

Special Meeting

December Agenda

Special Meeting Minutes

December Minutes


Decennial Committee 

(50 ILCS 70/) Decennial Committees on Local Government Efficiency Act

May 24, 2023: Decennial Committee Meeting: May Agenda (Minutes to be approved at 8/22/24 meeting)

August 22, 2024: Decennial Committee Meeting, 6:00 pm

October 1, 2024: Decennial Committee Report Due to be Filed

Budget and Funding 

Annual Ordinances and Resolutions as required by Illinois State Statues including the Budget and Appropriations, Truth in Taxation, Levy, Annual Audit, and Annual Financial Report to the Illinois Comptroller, and more, are available on our Open Information page, available here.